Tuesday, November 23, 2004

New Blog 

Check out Trapper Michael's new isemmelweis.
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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Fun With Microbes 

Radley Balko points to the CDC’s disease trading cards.

That’s fun, but I’ll do The Agitator one better: here’s a link to stuffed Giant Microbes. My favorites include Black Death...[continue reading]

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Many Lives Are At Stake 

Via Medpundit, it seems there’s a new drug to worry about...[continue reading]
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Monday, November 15, 2004

The DTC Debate 

Kevin, M.D. links to a story regarding Pfizer's study that shows internet adds are equally effective as TV and radio adds in conveying "a distinctive and memorable message and influence viewers." Kevin...[continue reading]
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I'm Moving...Again 

I have been invited to join the guys at Catallarchy. It's an honor to be asked to join such a wonderful collection of young libertarian minds. I'm sure the next Hayek, Friedman, and Landsburg are among them somewhere, and I'm just happy to be along for the ride. You can read my debut here.
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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Post-Election Thoughts 

  • All the commentary seems to say the same thing: the GOP won this election on "moral" and cultural issues. Which is good. Because we need the Dems to continue supporting bad economic policies and reach across and try to capture the bigot vote. It's a good day to be a libertarian. Woo hoo.
  • I heard a theory a while back that a Bush victory was more likely to bring a quick end to Iraq then a Kery victory. The thought was that Kerry had no motivtion to hurry up because it was seen as a "Bush mistake." Seems like wishful thinking but I hope it's right.
  • I voted for the guy with the shirt.
  • Well, my prediction was wrong. I made that prediction before Kerry even got nominated, and I stuck with it. I probably should have reconsidered when they picked a guy with "loser" literally tatooed on is forehead. Lesson learned, I guess.
  • Best quote: this is an old one that I saw again today, but it sums up the libertarian feeling about today. Nick Gillespie: "To say Bush spends like a drunken sailor is an insult to drunken sailors."
  • CNN just blamed bloggers for getting the Kerry hopes up. I pretty much have completely quit watching the news and reading the papers (kinda like Jim Bunning), but if I gotta watch them blame blogs for everything, I'll just have to quit altogether.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I couldn't care less who wins, but I care supremely about being right. My prediction: I said it before and I'm saying it now - John Kerry wins.

Why Bush deserves to lose: He has presided over the most anti-libertarian governing in my short lifetime.

Why Kerry deserves to lose: He was handed someone like George Bush and he made me not care.

Update: Jesse Walker illustrates my point:
Tomorrow, barring another recount mess, we will have a president-elect. I can't tell you his name, but I can tell you a few things about him. He wanted George Bush to have the authority to launch a war in Iraq, and he probably would have invaded whether or not there were weapons of mass destruction there. He thinks the Federal Election Commission should strictly regulate political speech, and he thinks the Federal Communications Commission should strictly regulate non-political speech. He supported the Patriot Act, the No Child Left Behind Act, and the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, and he will not be parsimonious with the public purse. He's a child of privilege who acquired great wealth without earning it in the marketplace. And I didn't vote for him.

Update II: CNN reports that exit polling shows that among Kerry reporters, 81% do not support the war in Iraq. So all those people who state they are against the war, and many of whom rate it as the most important issue, voted for a man who voted in favor of giving the president the authority to go to war, and who promises to stay the course. In other news, Bush voters poll "moral values" as their most important issue. Presidents have less control on the country's moral values than they do on the economy (where they have little). Ain't democracy grand.

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